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JPL: how much oil would you say your using? single cylinder i assume?

i had the command pro 18 hp engine,single cylinder, super fine engine in my honest opinion, couple of questions though,
1) what oil weight and type are you using? very well BE kohler's own sae 30!, NOT synthetic!
2) in what type of enviroment are you using it? IE... hot and humid?
3) how LONG everyday are you using it? 1 hour, 2-8 hours?
4) oil MUST be checked BEFORE,DURING,AFTER YOU mow, rule of thumb,BUT not written in stone, check every 4 FOUR hours of operation.
well the answer in #2, these command pro's WILL use oil like this, ALL engines will.
5) are you mowing at part throttle or full throttle? hopfully FULL.
6) is the engine blue smoking? if it is it's your rings.
also clean that air prefilter and the primary air filter also, and keep it CLEAN.
this is a start, but as far as this issue your having, if your using synthetic, change to kohler's sae 30.
i am glad i did, because i was using mobil 1 synthetic, and was using even more than the normal amount over the kohler sae 30! well good luck.

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