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Kohler Flywheel Problems

Hello All,
I have an 8 year old CH12 Kohler on a Cub Cadet Rider. Recently it started blowing fuses and I traced the problem to a shorted stator. When I removed the cowling I found pieces of magnet stuck everywhere. When I removed the flywheel I saw the problem. I am pretty sure the magnets to run the alternator must be glued to the inside of the flywheel. Naturally the stator had been destroyed and I am looking at about $200 worth of parts to repair this. Has anyone ever seen this problem before? The engine has been well maintained and not abused. It still runs fine. I can find no evidence of anything that caused this and it would be practically impossible for anything to get inside the flywheel and cause this. I would appreciate any comments, and suggestions. Is there a cheap place to buy Kohler parts? At the suggestion of a parts supplier I have emailed Kohler in hopes of some assistance!

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