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Mike r,
Thanks for getting back to me, let me follow up on your questions.

I am using Penns oil 10w-30w with a Wixs oil filter.
The enviroment can be anything from cool to hot and humid as I am located in the north east.
The engine is mounted on a 36" Scag mower and it see's action about 8-10 hrs a day 5 days a week.
The oil is checked every day and the air filters are cleaned.
On my other mowers with a Kawi engine I add a bit of oil once in a while and they run just as long each day.
Yes I always run at full throttle unless I am empting the box.
The smoke appeares to be black and the catcher box is covered with black soot.
The engine carb. also floods when it sit over night as mention from Lawn Tamer.

So that's where I stand. What next?? Do I just keep it running until it fails or do I take the time and try to rebuild it??

Thanks for you imput.
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