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Originally Posted by JPL View Post
Mike r,

The smoke appeares to be black and the catcher box is covered with black soot.
The engine carb. also floods when it sit over night as mention from Lawn Tamer.

So that's where I stand. What next?? Do I just keep it running until it fails or do I take the time and try to rebuild it??

Thanks for you imput.

Sounds to me like the float level is not set right in the carb'
Try dropping to bowl and see if it's sitting level when the neddle valve is shut.
I think you will find it's not shutting off at the right moment, or has dirt trapped under
the neddle seating.
Most floats can be adjusted by gently bending the tab.
Too much unburnt fuel can wash the oil off the cylinder walls and cause premature wear.
OR the choke is not fully disengaging.
This may not slove all the issues, but needs to be right.
Good luck Phil

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