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Originally posted by Kent Lawns
You need a license to apply a PESTICIDE.

My suggestion is to establish a relationship with a local LCO who can perfrom all your fertilizer/pesticide applications for you.

Then you can begin offering the service for your customers and offer them full service.

Best advice I have seen given on this forum.

A good pest control company can not only make your work look great. They can give you advice and send you customers.

It is called NETWORKING. Networking can turn your job into a business. If you work alone or with a helper, you got a job working for yourself. If you have crews doing the work and you only manage, then you have a business.

My advice. Network not only with a pest control company, but a tree company, sprinkler company, and a Landscape company etc. refer pool cleaners, house cleaners, pressure washers etc. etc. You are in a service industry. Make your service a service.


I see too many lawnboys that are to dumb to see the value of networking. They are happy to cut weeds and pay there bills. They are too stupid or proud to realize what they are missing out on.

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