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ESP Modular MV Error Bulletin

They're finally getting around to an official bulletin on this issue? This was in my email today.

ESP Modular MV Error Bulletin

To: Rain Bird Contractor Customers

RE: "MV ERR" Message on Certain ESP Modular Controllers

Rain Bird strives to produce the highest quality irrigation products on the market. We continuously monitor our products during and after installation and have identified a condition in which "MV ERR" may incorrectly display on some ESP-4M and ESP-4Mi controllers manufactured before July 4, 2007.

When correctly displayed, the "MV ERR" message is part of the ESP Modular diagnostics function and identifies a short-circuit condition with the system's master valve. Earlier-model controllers utilized a soldered cable attachment between the front panel and the backplane (circuit board under the protective plastic cover that the modules plug into) which under certain circumstances may generate an incorrect message on the display.

Effective July 4, 2007, Rain Bird began production of an enhanced ESP-M with plug-in connectors for both the front panel and backplane. (The date code located on the actual enhanced backplane circuit board should be on or after June 26, 2007 ("26JN07") - please see instructions for additional details.) After extensive reliability testing and thousands of installations, no occurrences of the "MV ERR" issue have been seen with the modified design. ESP Modular controllers produced since July 4, 2007 are not affected by this bulletin.

If you have seen this condition on installations of the earlier model, we recommend that you keep a small supply of replacement backplane assemblies on hand to quickly address this issue should it arise. Kits may be obtained free of charge from your local distributor or through your Rain Bird field representative and include a backplane circuit board, ribbon cable and easy-to-follow instructions, which you can download now (2.5MB).

One other expedient alternative to replacement of the backplane is the installation of a jumper cable as also outlined in the attached directions. The jumper cable solution takes only one minute to install and will permanently resolve the "MV ERR" issue, but it should be noted that the short-circuit detection function of the ESP-Modular will then be disabled. Jumper cable kits are also available free of charge from Rain Bird.

We sincerely appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience you and your customers may have experienced. If you have any questions, please contact your Rain Bird field representative or call us at 1-800-RAINBIRD.

Scott Rottler
Product Manager, Contractor Controllers
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