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Originally Posted by B&B LAWN View Post
cant get a spark at all. the mower is only 2 years old as well. is it the ignition module? what can i do to repair it?

Now there's a name from the past, ain't seen a LawnBoy for years. Anyway, it would seem unlikely to be the ignition moduel. At this stage I would check the low tension circuit, that's the cut out wire. Usually fixed near the carburetter control plate. You should see a single wire going to the control plate, disconnect this and make sure it does not ground, then spin the engine for a spark. If it sparks then it is the fixing at the control plate that is earthing out. If no spark you'll have to remove the blower housing and check the ground wire back to the coil, checking that it is not shorting along the way. If this fails then there exists the possibility the ignition moduel is at fault. For what it's worth my money's on the ground wire. Good luck Phil

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