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What A Find

Well first, Hello to all fellow SSTrs that at times may Love to hate their SST's.

I have had mine since October 2001 and all in all I love it. Yes a big z would be nice but I have a "happy" bond with my SST16.

Well till today when the Steering went out completely. Like others I have had come and go steering gremlins but nothing that a good cleaning of the steering switches would not address. Today it was "100% casters up"

Just got done reading the posts in this thread and what a gold mine of great information. Thanks to all that have and do share. With Deere no longer making these I have found few of the JD mechanics really understand them.

First Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You for the information about the Tech Manual. Early on I had asked my dealer about one and was told it was not available to the general public due to the "proprietary steering technology". Hey gotta give my dealer a A+ for creativity with that one. I will be calling JD on Monday.

For those of you that have the Tech Manual, does it do a good job of showing you how to get to some of these parts?????
I am a handy person but the location of some parts and the complexity that seems to be involved in getting to them is amazing.

Based on a New (2 months) yet Dead battery when I went to start mowing today (jumped it). I have a strong feeling my steering issue may be tied to an electrical issue. Possibly the voltage regulator module. I have the battery on a charger now. Will see if I get steering back, order up a tech manual and go from there.......

True Life Experiences and Sharing are Great Teachers!

Best To All,

p.s For those with a slope to deal with and a bagger system. I have found that if I mow all the flat areas first, the added weight of the full bags helps with traction on the slopes........
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