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painting project

hey guys, here is a project ive been working on for a while, its amazing what a little paint and attention can do.
heres what i started with.

after this with the use of Goo Gone and tons of time i got the decals off that had been there for about 22 years, i also sanded it a few times to get a little of the old paint off and some paint drips from previous owner.

At this point its ready for some paint, i bought John Deere Implement paint for a cheap price at Pep Boys. Heres a picture of it after one coat of paint.

Since then i have painted most of the rest of the tractor, upon completion of first coat i will sand it a tiny then doa second coat, at the end i will go over it with clear spray paint (special kind forget the name) to give it the shiny look :-)
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