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Originally Posted by jrumbaug View Post
It took 62 man hours to remove sod, dig and then re-fill, then replace sod on 240 feet of trench. That figures to about 1 man-hour per 4 feet. If I charge $20/hr per man, that's about 5$ per foot labor to charge for the service. Did I have slow employees or is this somewhere near reality?? Off the top of my head, I would have guessed $2/foot to be used to calculate how much to charge.

Or secondly, maybe someone can tell me where to read about the prefered way to dig an irrigation trench? I may be working the hard way and wrong way.
Depends on what else was done ...... did they plant watermellon seeds in that trench? Or was a finished product an irrigation system put in that trench?

Maybe they dug a too wide trench or too deep? Was it 95 degrees out and over 90% humidity?

What was the scope of the entire job involved with that trench? Three sprinkler heads or 30 heads on 6 zones?

More info is needed.
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