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Originally Posted by jrumbaug View Post

I think you guys have answered my question. ( at least close enough )
1) dig to confirm soil
2) use machines when possible.
3) quoting high is better for the bottom line than quoting low, so I wont sweat a small part of the estimate if it sends the total up.
4) tomorrow I call around to see if a ditch witch 255sx is available locally.

I'll have more questions for another thread.

Jim Rumbaugh
From the outside looking in, I would suggest you first look at machine trenching before you dive head first into pulling pipe. I have done a couple systems, and rented a trencher. First I rented a dedicated trencher and on my two most recent jobs, I used a Dingo with a trenching head. The Dingo is very maneuverable and digs just as fast as the huge Vermeer I rented first. Pulling with a plow and assembling a system that has been pulled is a completely different working environment. If you're used to glue and fittings, I would look for a rental trencher for this job, and then start investigating whether you want to stick with PVC or switch to poly. Both have their ads and disads.
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