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Thanks for the stats

Originally Posted by HooKooDooKu View Post
8" Wide ???
I can tell you that I was able to dig at a rate of about 10' per hour when I only had to dig 12" deep, 4" wide. That time does not include removing the sod, laying pipe, or backfilling.
8" is a guess of the top of my head. I had a few narrow shovels, and a few regular ones. The most pipes I had to lay was 4 of 1"poly, so 4" may of worked. But if I factor in sod removal and re-filling the trench, your 10 feet an hour MAY be 6 feet an hour net. Therefore, I am not to surprised at the 4 feet an hour I got from 2 uninspired workers that also had to dig around some tree roots by hand. ( long story there, involving a demanding homeowner )

I happy with my numbers now.

Jim Rumbaugh
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