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Originally Posted by b121774 View Post
Ya, I think this site cater's to the mid and eastern U.S. were irrigation isn't needed as much. I keep reading where these guys are bitching and moaning cause they have no rain and the lawns are dying/browning/not growing or going dormant. Can't even imagine having an account that doesn't have a system. Of course I don't usually bid job's by the "acre" either.
Here in Norcal, we don't have the "ethnic" competition as much as down south, especially in my small retirement community. If I decided to go with hispanic worker's I would lose at least a quarter of my business. I wouldn't say a lot of my customer's are bigget's, just come from a different generation.
We don't have that ethnic problem here in North California....think again please. This trade is 95% Latino in CA. This state is somewhere in the region of 30 to 40 % Hispanic population. Have you been to Stockton or Sacramento lately?

Regarding the issue the use of Hispanic workers, the key to do this a communication line as I said earlier, the trades are more and more Hispanic\Latino. The customer wants somebody to talk to if there is a request for service or complaint. That's where the electronic leash comes in, in the form or e-mail or cell phone.

Going from a 1 man show to having 6 guys working 2 different areas, i can't be in both places at once. Yes, I did loose a few because I wasn't around all the time, But it didn't kill me either.

I've been in this trade for 30 years. I've watched my dad(did for 40 years before retiring) and Uncle ***** about the low prices that are the current standard of today.

Let's face it, anybody who has a truck, mower can get into this trade. The trick to surviving and thrive in this trade is to offer a good quality service, good communication ability, and reliability.

Regarding irrigation..... They have always depended on natural rain for irrigation. The weather back east, you could depend on getting rain every few days. As you move west, before being developed, what was the terrain before? Most of the terrain was arid and less inches of rain per year.

Then our properties are a lot smaller & so much easier\cheaper to irrigate by sprinklers than the larger properties you would see back east.
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