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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
Also, do not let any one set your price good customers are gold, whiners are a dime a dozen “ we can possibly meet so and so price if it is in writing and legitimate” haggling just is not worth the air to do it. You cannot have every lawn as some people are cheap and some of the cheapest son of a !#^#@! ichs live in three story mansions with prize winning lawns.

Hope this helped a little.

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Our motto is "Affordable Lawn Care". We basically allow the customer to set the price on the mowing part. We set the price for the other typical work. (leaves, Gutter, Landscaping and what not). If we think we can do the lawn care for the price we do it. If not, we move on. We have a set rate that we want to make per hour. If we can do the yard for the customer at their price than everyone is happy. If we can't do the yard and still cover our price we just say no.
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