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Nice grass greendoc !!! Reminds me of what my yard used to look like until I moved into the country. Now I'm lucky to be able to mow our 8.5 acres once a week!! I still have my reel mower though, never know when I might put in a putting green!!

I really like the idea of a walking boom for bare ground applications. We do a lot of oil field tank batteries, and some of the dikes around the tanks range from 2ft.- 7ft. tall. It would make it very nice to be able to cover them with one swipe, instead of the normal waving of the gun back and forth. I have seen some home made ones that have wheels on them, but to me they could be a bit akward in tight areas.

Thats a nice powered bp sprayer too. I often thought I would like one of them when treating lawns with specialty chems like drive, sedgehammer, and revolver late in the season. Seems like you always have one of those yards that you pick up late in the season that is loaded with everything, and you just don't want to mix up a "hot cocktail" in the ride-on or skid.

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