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Does any one know what kind of grass that is. That is zoysia "El Toro", cut at 3/8" with a reel mower. This lawn has been on my program for 12 months straight. 1/2 lb N, 1/4 lb K + micronutrients every month. No pre-m, Dimension or Barricade is ever used on this lawn. Weeds are controlled by keeping the sod tight. There is no thatch because the lawn is always mowed at the correct height and with the correct type of mower.

Because the boom is made from PVC nipples, you could probably configure one that would allow you to spray the entire embankment from one side. I forgot to take a picture of what I use to treat ditchbanks or any other area that I can only walk on one side only. I do not like boomless nozzles for bare ground or lawn weed control. I am frequently applying potent herbicides that will destroy everything down wind, Think metsulfuron, Arsenal or Oust XP. I do not want any of that drifting off target.

That regulator I use allows me to set a pressure from 1-100PSI. There is no drift when spraying from the boom or single nozzle gun. BTW, the unregulated output from the Solo 433 is 425PSI. Because of this and the fact that no one thinks to put on a secondary regulator, most people understandably shy away from using this for lawns or herbicides. My Maruyama dealer told me, people have tried the MS074 and returned the machine because the unregulated pressure is too high. Everyone is used to the ****-poor output from a hand sprayer. I use either the Solo or a Maruyama MS074 for all of my applications. There are no properties I currently maintain that cannot be efficiently covered by one of the machines. One filling is just about 7 gallons or 7000 sq ft of coverage. This weekend, I am flying to one of the outer islands to spray a 3/4 acre lawn for another landscaper.

What you said about a hot tank mix is so true. I get lawns from hell on a regular basis. I am the last stop before a RoundUp and resod. The first time I treat a lawn, it has everything you can think of in it because proper weed management and fertilization were never done on the lawn. I would never put an MSMA, simazine, Image, 2,4-D and Banvel martini in a 200 gallon sprayer. That would be a colossal pain to wash out so it is safe to use on something other than a bermuda or zoysia lawn. My sprayers can be washed out on the lawn that I just treated as specified and required by the DOA. They do not like people loading or rinsing out sprayers anywhere other than the site of use allowed by the product label. Why? A place where mixing, loading and cleaning always is done can easily become a point source ground water contaminant site. The legacy left behind by the now defunct sugar and pineapple growers is sites leaching atrazine, simazine, bromacil, diuron and Velpar into the groundwater, all from their central mixing sites.
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