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Notice quick coups on what appears to be both ends of supply line from on/off to these connections ever rotate?

Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Attached is the walking boom that I use for turf and bare ground applications. I normally use AI nozzles in the boom. The next photo is the Solo 433 power sprayer and the 23L 7676-24 gun, with pressure regulator. That is what I use if the area is small or I am "spot treating". There is an XR Teejet fan tip on the end of the wand. Lastly, the double nozzles on a swivel are what I use for spraying shrubs, hedges, short trees and nursery stock. I have the discs from DCER-2 all the way up to DCER-8 and the matching cores. Cone angle, volume and hollow or solid cone patterns are all determined by which disc and core are installed. This set up sprays a very high pressure mist that penetrates dense foliage and due to the adjustable angle of the spray head, it is easy to spray under leaves.
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