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Originally Posted by LawnProLandCare View Post
there was no age given so i can everyone just assume he beat a 12 year old? if it was at night in that situation i want to see what you guys would do, alls you see is the person you dont have time to sit there and guess his age you need to react to protect your own life. none of you know the exact circumstances surrounding this case.. who knows if the beating was too severe, one well placed punch to the head can kill someone even though it wasnt intended too, and one hit to the ribs CAN break them.. i personally think with information given that maybe some charges should be filed against the lco but NOT Felony assault... whose to judge whether this assault was too much. also i think the bail/bond is a little high unless this guy has a huge record or is a proven flight risk... ive seen folks charged with worse with much lower numbers.

also how do you know this clown is only a petty thief? it is proven that a majority of criminals start out with smaller crimes and usually go up in severity as there criminal career progresses. just like the drug dealers that start out selling grass then go up to coke next thing you know they have a meth lab setup.

im very very very sensitive about my property and equipment and will not hesitate to physically subdue someone attempting to damage or steal it, before the police arrive.
well your also making judgement calls as to what charges should be against the lco with same lack of details you so argue. Oh well. Someday when you all grow up you will understand and value life. The guy wasnt being personally attacked. If it was your brother in the hospital now a vegetable you would feel different. Stealing is bad news. No argument there. But like i said before some bad people like my father inlaw when he was young turn into outstanding people like he is now. A minister, ran for govenor of his state. Put 4 kids through college including my wife who has a masters in computer engineering. All that from what was once a pick pocket, snatcher and street kid abandoned at a young age. Oh well, make your judgements.
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