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People want appts for fert estimates and I tell them I can't do that but I procede to get all the info and feel them out real good and do a telephone sell job. I ask about fences, gates dogs, problem areas, have they been doing it or used another company. If another company why are they changing, what do they want to accomplish. I get home and work/cell phone numbers and tell them if I have questions when I'm there I will call them. I always call them after the esti.

I've been doing pretty good estimating on Sat when I stumble on them home and pick sales on the spot. I'm doing irrigation esti personally in the evenings and some Sat as well. It comes with the territory. I don't do Sundays. I don't do early mornings. I don't do dinner hour or lunch. I don't interrupt my work day. I don't answer my phone at all hours. I don't forward calls to my cell. I don't even check my messages during the day unless I'm in and out of the office. If I'm working I'm working. I don't care if they don't like it. I call a zillion people all the time and they are out of the office, in a meeting, out of town and so on and so am I.
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