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Originally Posted by MysticLandscape View Post
Is that mi amigo?
Thats the VIP
Originally Posted by stuntmanlogan View Post
Did you pick up a new mower
Ya, the Stander and Scag are new this year.
Originally Posted by BulldogPS View Post
Nice work and equipment, Good to see someone else local take pride in their work AND their equipment. I think I saw you today pulling into Cason's equipment. I was leaving as you pulled in, if that was you.
Yes, i was there with a buddy yesterday gettin some oil and filters. I buy all my equipment and the new Stander from Imperial next to your shop so i see your rigs all the time. I said hi to your guys once and they looked at me funny. must not have been you. btw does the big enclosed trailer ever move?
Originally Posted by J&R Landscaping View Post
Nice pics! I wish the grass was that green down here!!
Thanks to the rain.
[QUOTE=deere615;2483439][QUOTE=RedMax Man;2483036]Those wernt very hard. fit them all in the truck.

Those llok like they were mostly wood ie not many branches. Do you save the wood for fires. I had/have a whole pile of logs along side of our garage that we occasionally take to our camp for fire wood
Ya your right mostly wood. I give firewood to other people. i dont use it myself.
Originally Posted by kreft View Post
Nice stripes!
[QUOTE=Impressions Landscaping;2483697]
Originally Posted by RedMax Man View Post
Pretty sure we did a tools swap cuz u took the hedge trimmer. Don't brag you havent seen me work. I barely break a sweat when i'm with you, just move around so i dont get whipped. We gotta tackle some real work when there is no time for play. Thanks for all your help and the oil changes today.

No problem with the oil changes, glad I can help. Don't worry, we'll get to do some legit work soon enough, enough of this screwing aroudn during the day. Get on Sam the man please...haven't had a PITA in a while, kinda makes me appreciate all my other customers. Let me know if you need help mowing anytime soon. BTW I have a wall job coming up at my shop, I'll be needing you on that one so if you got time coming up let me know.
Ya the trailer is for workn not a bench for hanging out lol.

Sorry to say this but i gotta strong feeling old man Sam is history. dought i'll talk to him again. Gona get the low down from my mechanic cuz he know his and services his vehicle. Yep i saw the wall, and i'll bring the TNT!
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