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Originally Posted by South Florida Lawns View Post
I have seen it first hand with the overhead fuel thingy. I have always wondered how off they actually were. We took a trip and calculated the millage and his was off by 2mpg. still thats pretty damn good close to 30 on the highway!
Does he have propane injection and/or nitrous and/or water/meth? These will give you a false sense of how much "fuel" is being used but will cut down on diesel usage.
I personally believe the 98.5-02 vp44 trucks were the most fuel efficient. A buddy of mine was able to get into the 20's (21-24mpg) with the 6speed and 3.55's. That's about the limit without other sources of fuel (in my opinion) and the newer ones don't seem able to produce quite those numbers.
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