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Originally Posted by Hardscaping View Post
well his fence could just be moved to solve that problem. Other wise it is not your problem anymore just build her fence to his without going onto his property and then voila you are set. make sure this time you get a survey of the property to make sure were the fence ends. this way you are not liable for what hapens after.
Yeah, her plan has all the setbacks for the house, sidewalks and all. Im not sure if its something the builder skipped on his plan, or his house survey was done by another survey company or what. Im almost glad even now that i didnt get into a survey, would be one more thing i would have lost money on that the other company would have included in their ridiculously low bid. Originally again, we wern't going to put it onto the property border until we realized on the plan how "little" room was going to be between the new patio and the new fence, like 8'.
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