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obviously you can't mow for $20/hour and make a decent living if you're a legitimate professional,

And neither can the people who do this. Most of them will be gone by July, the rest are too stupid to know anything and will be swamped with work (from the el Cheapo tightwads you don't want as clients anyway) to be competitive. They sure aren't going to be springing for a new Z on that kind of money.

The economy works in cycles. What has happened over the last 2 years was predictable, and most of us did little or nothing to prepare for it. Any business can thrive in a robust economy, now we'll see what we're made of. Things slowed down some last fall because of Sept. 11th and a drought, but we seem to have turned a corner, and I can not keep up.

Stick with it, make sure your prices are good, and stay after it.

Good is never cheap, and cheap is never good.
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