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I live in a college town and it's so funny to look in the classifieds in the newspaper. Because as soon as it's time to mow you see about 15 kids trying to get business. "Mikes Mowing",
"Adams Mowing", (my favorite) "Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, really cheap mowing." No name this is just what it says. Sure it's frustrating to see any high school or college kid that has a truck, trailer and one wb trying to make some fast cash. Example today went out to give a bid and when we arrived there she said "I just got off the phone with another LCO and his mother said that he would come give her an estimate after school. Go figure.

But look at it this way, when they're gone next year or the year after that who are they gonna call.

This is another favorite of mine, when I get a call "uh yeah I need someone to come out and fix my lawn the kid I had mow, fertilize, seed, blah, blah my lawn has messed it up now I need A professional to take care of it. Can you say
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