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If you were to read between the lines of my post I was trying to say " Please no more cheap competition" or something like that.
By all means pay your way through college. But if you choose to have a lawn biz pay taxes and charge the going rates. If the big boys in town have a 35$ min then yours should be almost as high. I am not going to encourage lowballers on this forum. If you want to RoyaleRcr that's your business.
As for how poor I am , that is a lie. I do just fine. I was trying to emphasize the down side I think there are more than enough LCO's out there for the time being. The fewer new ones the better. My area is 2/1 illeagal operators over legal ones and prices range from 12$ to 35$ for 5k properties. So until someone kicks me off this forum I will say whatever I please and hope I upset you again in the future RR.
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Do to extreme frustration, by all those who choose to defend scrubs, I have quit Lawnsite as of April, 18th 2002. Good bye and good luck. It has been fun.
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