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The amount of info and help on this forum is amazing. I for one love to help people get started. Its just people need to put forth some effort and not expect to show up and say "I thinking about starting, so now what should I do?". People should put forth some effort. It is free info here, people should take the time to read some of it. I answer tons of stuff on the open forum and an unbelievable amount of emails. I wouldn't do it if I didn't care. But, I expect people to have enough respect to have an educated question, not something so vague. Anyone that wants to be around in business long term must be able to do some research.

If people want others to have respect for them shouldn't they consider people's time valuable. Thousands of people have devoted time to this forum. Shouldn't someone have enough respect to read the info? There is tons of "basic 101" info for free.

This isn't just CJIII, so I apologize for making you think its an attack on you. It isn't. Its just this happens all the time. I hope you can make the business work and we can help you get it growing. Just read, read, read. There is enough info to keep you busy for your 1st year of college.
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