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Equipmnet that i have

In regards to this i have 1 48" Bunton, 1 32" Toro, 2 21" toro prolines, 2 ECHO TRIMMERS, 1 hand held and 1 echo backpack blower, 5x8 trailer(soon to be upgraded) and 1992 GMC 1500 4x4. My problem is that some of the new customers are asking that i also do gardening while i am there(they pay for this of course) so this eats up my time and i have signed up a few larger properties which also eat up time. last year i had several smaller properties and not very profitable, this year i got rid of those and replaced them with better ones which are more profitable but more demanding on my time as a solo operator. I could d 10 - 15 properties/ day last year (record was 20). This year that will not be possible as they have gotten bigger. i also have picked up several landscaping projects in between the regular lawn maintenance. so maybe i need somebody but i do not know about the whole season. i think it is a very big decision to hire someone and think that you are providing for their well being, and this is why i am struggling with the decision. this does not even begin to mention the accounting responsibilities that i will now have with an employee.

thanks for listening and all your input
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