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I've had them all. Chevy's not since the 6.5 liter diesel I had. Ford not since the 7.3 Damn good truck I might add. Currently we have three Dodge diesels. A 98 w/ 24v engine a 2000 and a 2001. All have been pretty good trucks. Had a little trouble with the 98 and 5th gear coming off. Otherwise all have 120to 160 thousand miles and all have origional injection pump. Lots of track bars and ball joints. Lots of heavy towing. They ride like crap drive like crap when front end gets any wear but they seem to work hard.
Can't really say for Chevs as the ol 6.5 left a bad taste in my mouth after a 6.2 left a bad taste in my mouth too. Never went back.
Ford's were good except starting in the sub zero temps when they near 150 thousand miles, but my cousin who has a fleet of trucks says stay away from fords until they get their diesels worked out. Don't know guess he's had some real bad luck. Dodge and Chevy didn't have big enough trucks available for what he does until this year.
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