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to cheapcuts

If you are really serious about starting a lawn business, you can get a great amount of help on this forum.

There is always room in any industry for someone good at what they do and business minded. The main thing is to know why you are going to charge what you are going to charge. Competition is important, but you have nearly a 75% failure rate in this industry in the first three years. Why? Contractors don't know what they don't know! I got in this business in 1979 and no idea what to charge. Unfortunately, I looked at the competition and charged based on what they were charging. The problem was that they had no idea why they charged what they charged either. After 7 years and almost 89M in debt, we put together a system that worked.

If you are interested in additional help, either ask this forum or give me a call at 800-845-0499. Good luck and remember that is better to try and to fail then to fail to try!

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