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Originally posted by cheapcuts
Can't see how ripping off people to just mow is good for business. I can work for half of what they charge here. some of these companies must forty or fifty thousnad a year. Why charge so much just to cut lawn. I can see big bucks for sprniclers and and landscape ponds and things but not mowing. I think I can make a lot by not being greedy

You said is another post you've been here for several weeks. I guess by this statement you haven't been reading anything. If you had, you would have seen topics such as quality, COST, equipment, trucks, insurance, paperwork/office work, long hours, labor, etc...

Oh, btw, you also asked about how much money can be made. Well, for you, nothing. You don't understand yet that it doesn't all go to your bottom line. So, you'll be lucky to break even but it will be a couple of years of hard work before you realize that. Enjoy the new "business".
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