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I have a 94 1500 with a 5.9L gasser I'm the 3rd owner, I know not really a work truck. But I'm proud to say its my first work truck. Not really planning on hauling big loads, more or less tools seeing as I'm going to marketing more of my horticultural/design skills. But just went through the first Trans at 177,177 kind of odd but from a original trans (No rebuild, or swap) I'm keeping it around cause when the 94 body style came out I said when I was a kid "That looks cool and I want to own one"

I will eventually get everything moving with mowing, landscaping, and etc next year.

I don't mind owning a ford, dodge, chevy, even a yota. I'm going to take a look at it more of A. What do I need the truck to do? B. What can I afford? I don't really plan on buying anything new for a few years till I start to get this rolling. Plus each has there problems and mechanics are bias, my brother happens to be one and he stands by chevy, (what he allways tell me when we talk trucks and cars) Fords are a pain to work on, nothing but issues, bad lay outs, horrible electrical, and if it wasn't for ford he'd be out of business. Dodge he can't sell on his lot, they are gas hogs, he can't give them away fast enough and ends up selling them at auction, they have issues with them as well but not as bad as ford, and he likes how they sound. At my old job we had a F550, I'm just going to say I renamed it to F5fixme, crank/door/ABS/name a sensor, engine rebuild at 47K, Trans rebuild at 50K, and from what I heard last the rear diff is slipping bad.

To people like Gravel Rat who are the extremists your comparing apples to oranges. We are not miners, drillers, nor loggers. We are landscapers, Lawn Care professionals, Chemical applicators. While there is still sections for the heavier side of landscaping as well but this is primarily what most of us are or got a start in. I can say from my experience that AM General 2.5/5 ton Or Oshkosh built MTBR are the best trucks out there as well but I really don't go shooting my mouth off about what other people or industries are using. Use some common sense a bit and realize not everyone needs a F550 or a International. Ford is the premier fleet truck Because of their discounts such as loyality, fleet discounts, municipal discounts. That is why more are out on the road, its because Ford as a company loads it up as so otherwise they wouldn't have any municipal fleets, or government fleets.
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