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It is driving me nuts....

I'm 18 and I have had my landscaping business since I was 15. In the beginning it was't too bad, I was mowing 6 lawns a week. Since that time I have grown and now have 20 steady mowing customers, about 10 customers that call me for a one time mow each week. So I am mowing close to 30 lawns a week, plus I do mulch jobs, average is about 7 cu. yds.. The problem is that I do all this myself. You may think that it's not a big deal, but try doing that and going to college at the same time. It is close to impossible but I don't want to quit either one. There are days when I don't feel like mowing at all, mainly because of my mower. I have an ENCORE Z 48, and it clumps grass like crazy. It drives me nuts because I have to go over it again and again to keep the customer happy and it is wasting my time. As of right now I have no one working for me but I hope to change that soon. I guess what my question is, Does anyone have advise for me to get rid of the clumping and make the lawns look like nice flat carpets when I'm done? I sharpen the blades after I mow 5 lawns, I clean out under the deck all the time. I just don't know what is wrong. And I'm not really in the mood to buy another mower right now. Any advise would be great, thank you..
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