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UREEEEKER, I got it, you said you might buy the equipment yourself? Why don't you all (ya'll ) get together and buy the needed equipment then go in search of a guy /gal who has experience working with a lawn care co. and pay him a decent wage, this way it would provide more opportunity for him/her to get out on his own. Maybe you could offer to sell him the equipment after a year of service for the depreciated value! You would have a guy/girl in your pocket then! There are many employees of lawn care crews looking to open their own business but do not have the resources. This way everybody wins, you carry the burden of the equipment for a while until he could afford to pay you for it. Make a contract, stipulate that you will offer to sell after 1 year of service if all homeowners agree that the quality and dependability was there. You might make the overall length of the contract 2 years with the option to buy the equipment after 1. Set him up as an independant contractor and 1099 him at the end of the year. You won't be responsible for the taxes, just the equipment. Add some clauses stating he must maintain equipment i.e., oil changes, tune ups and such.This would give a guy a chance to get in thwe business but would have to go through a 2 year( basic training )stint with your group. It could also give an otherwise unemployed man/woman a job for at least 2 years! Think about that and let me know.<p>Homer
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