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Thanks Doc, I'm glad I could help you out. I feel there is a person out there waiting for someone like you. It's times like these when everyone is supposed to be prospering so much (I'm still on the list )that we should lend a hand and offer opportunities to those less fortunate. A lot of people have the desire to succeed but find themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. If you find the right guy and get him on his way with proper coaching, you will instill in him a sense of pride and immense gratitude. So many people could easily offer their time and assistance to others and make a change in their life. I believe we all should accept a challenge at some point and help others less fortunate than ourselves.<p>Your equipment list should consist of a good commercial mower, preferably a zero turn mower such as a Dixie Chopper like I own. I would suggest a 50&quot; or 60&quot; cut with at least a 22 hp motor. This will run around $9000.00. One trimmer would be sufficient for your new man and an edger if you have any concrete you would like edged. I paid $324.00 for each of mine, they are Stihl. A blower is next on the shopping list, again I use a Stihl and Echo, the Stihl is better and lighter, a lot lighter! My price was $435.00 tax taters and all. I don't know the terrain but you might need a 21&quot; push/self propelled mower. I don't use mine a whole lot but I have to on occasion. Mine is a Snapper (non commercial) super six. I think it was $499.00. It adds up quick doesn't it? If this poor ol' redneck in Alabama can manage these things I know collectively you guys can, and you can always get rid of it later if things don't work out. If you get good on the mower, you might even enjoy it.<p>I wouldn't let this stuff leave the block until you gained trust in your new man so one of you or all of you would have to store it someplace safe. <p>I'm all out of suggestions right at the moment, but I'm sure I will think of some more!! Let me know how it goes.<p>Homer
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