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Homer,<p>I am going to save all of this for the future. I intend to let the future person know, that this whole thing was your idea and that the credit belongs to you. My group and I will only be filling in the blanks. I have never seen anyone in this area using a Dixie Chopper only Walkers, Lazers and John Deeres. Walkers seem to be king in the area. I checked the net and found that there is a Dixie Chopper dealer only a few miles from me. I was surprised. I have seen Ericís website and it is just beautiful. Does the Dixie Chopper have a mulching system and if so does it work well? Homer, I am going to suggest to the rest of the group that each of us put up 3K. I believe that we can get everything you said for that. Thank you. What do you think about me starting a new post? In this post I will ask owners of the main mowers to give me the pros and cons of their machines. <p>Doc<br>
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