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Originally posted by cheapcuts
I just found a guy who will sell me his mowers and 13 lawns for 700 bucks. The lawns pay 175 a week
Cheapcuts, I'm part time and have about 13 yards with 1-2 week cuts. I pull in 175 easy by just cutting 5 yards or less sometimes.

Your best bet would be to find a used belt drive walkbehind commercial exmark and then find a homeowners edition weedeater and get a good blower. Upgrade the weedeater as soon as possible. This is what i did and am on my third year. I have all commercial equip that I use and it's paid for.

A used belt drive exmark can easy go for 1200 or cheaper for a 36". great start, better than a snapper.

Just my .02 worth. It may be worth less to you, but hey it's only 2 cents.
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