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Whats up Doc? That would be a great idea, the more knowledgable you are the greater your ability to make an informed decision. Another suggestion is to get the dealers in yur area to come out and give all of you a demo of their machine. I would tell them that you are about to drop around 12K and you want to see ahead of time what you are buying. <p>Eric would probably be as informed as anyone on the Choppers. You should join us in his Dixie Chopper chat room and we could discuss the finer points. One advantage the Chopper has over all the rest is the O.C.D.C.(OPERATOR CONTROLLED DISCHARGE CHUTE ) This is standard on all their commercial models and enables the operator do close off the chute when mulching and open it when he wants to discharge. I find it to be a valuable tool in this business because there are many times you will encounter wet grass and no matter what anyone says, wet grass clumps up. With a machime dedicated to mulching only you have to run over it and over it to smooth everything out, the Chopper can mulch it once and if the clippings begin to clump the chute can be opened up and the operator can run over them again dispersing them easily. As for which unit to buy I would suggest an XW model meaning wide chassis, with a 22 to 25 hp engine and 60&quot; deck. Dixie does offer a bagger for the 60&quot; model as well. Another option would be to purchase a pull behind sweeper,they work well for picking up debris and clippings. You guys could start a compost pile with all that you're going to have and call it &quot;COMMUNITY COMPOST&quot; ! You would save on compost by making your own and there should be plenty of it mowing every 4 days. Personally, I am a satisfied owner of 2 choppers, 1 50&quot; Flatlander and 1 72&quot; City Slicker. I have had no trouble with either and would buy another in a heartbeat. One of my competitors in this area runs Lazers and Choppers. I asked him one day which one he prefered most and his answer was the Chopper. It's all a matter of opinion I guess thats why I would get a demonstration of each machine. Luckily you have a little time before you have to decide.<p>Put it to a vote on the forum again, but ask for the pros and cons, not just which model. This forum has been a valuable learning tool for me and I've met some very helpful people. I hope we can keep it.<p>Homer
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