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I am looking at 1 mower 1 weed eater and edger 1 blower and maybe some hedge trimmers. I am going to be buying all new equipment.
Hey guys I would like is $1000 to $2000 a good amount of money to by the equipment.
I can not stress this hard enough.. use the search button all the way at the top of the page. Search everything imaginable. I have started my own company this year and have learned loads of valuable informaiton here.. some I ignored and some that I took heed. I am paying the price for ignoring some advice. In some aspects this business is not as difficult as I thought, in other regards it is much harder than I ever thought. You do not go out and buy a bent shaft weedwacker and a 21" and hang a flyer and you have dough rolling in. DRIFT... Do it right the first time.

Good Luck. May the search Gods be on you side.

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