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Please save me from a terrible mistake, or tell me that it's not a mistake at all. I recently bought a home on about 2 acres with lots of trees, and my 21&quot; cut walk-behind just isn't very satisfying anymore. I'm a relatively poor (okay, make that &quot;cheap&quot professor with twins on the way, and I don't want to spend a fortune an a mower, but I want one that will work well for me. The borrowed lawn tractor that I used last year (&quot;shift-on-the-go&quot; 38&quot; cut) gets the job done in about 2 hours, with lots of tedious maneuvering around trees. <p>It seems that a large walk-behind would be ideal, but I'm too cheap to buy a commercial model (and really don't need commercial quality for once a week use, do I?). Has anyone used the DR-46 from Country Home Products? At about $1700 (low-end model) it seems pricy - does it work well? Does it cut well? Does it hold up (remember - weekly residential use, not commercial)? Or would I be better off paying $1200 for a MTD-made 42&quot; cut lawn tractor with pedal drive?<p>Sorry for the long message. Any replies will be much appreciated. - tip184
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