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A simple thank you or...?

I'm not sure what to do in this situation...

I offer a 10% discount to my customers for referals (that sign on). I have a customer that I picked up late last year and he has been trying to get me some others. He refered a friend of his that was kind of out of the way but I bid it anyway... didn't get it. Then he asked a co-worker (doctor.. just moved into the neighborhood) if he needed my services... no, he brought another with him.

Anyway.. I get a call from a potential client. I bid it and got the account. I asked her how she got my name. She said she saw me at above mentioned clients house and wrote down my number off the truck. She also said she spoke with this client and they said they were very happy with my services.

What's your veiw... Discount or thank you?


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