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Sounds like you have the washer(s) turned in the right direction. The washers should have the lip turned away from the center of the pump. <) pump (> Check to make certain that the diaphragms from last season are not already shot. Check for cracks,splits etc. and replace with new ones if needed. I've found the white diaphragms to be less flexible than the black ones (buna) and last only a few months under normal use and may dry rot if not used regularly. Flush out with kerosene to purge out the contaminated oil and replace. The dome should be pressurized to 20% of the spray pressure you will use, ex: 200 psi = 40 psi dome pressure. You might use a bicycle pump to do this as the pressure builds up very quickly in such a small area of volume...go slow! Hope this helps get you rolling!

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