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Maryland soccer field overseeding?

My neighbor is part of the optimist club that helps fund the local soccer clubs. They are interested in improving their soccer fields. Right now they are 60% weeds and 40% grass with a few bare spots. There are 6 fields and 3 are approx 2 acres each and 3 about 1 acre each. The biggest problem I see is no down time and mother nature irrigation. I am going to a club meeting in Oct. to give them my proposal. I know money is tight and my main goal is to get the mowing contract. MY plan will include aerating the fields , 400 lbs of seed for the 2 acre and 200 lbs for the 1 acre -perennial rye, tall fescue , bluegrass mixture, starter fert, lime, and dragging the field to give soil contact and break up the cores. I will offer my services at a price for the entire restoration or with volunteer help from the club at a consultant price. My biggest thing is to make sure they understand the success for the germination will be hampered my watering and continued play. What are you thoughts on this plan?
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