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thanks for the reply. season over at the end of oct. I would like to do the work mid oct a week or 2 before the last game. Good idea on lesco for supply. I usually do residential aerations and seedings and the rate of seed I use is 5lbs per 1000 sq ft approx but the soccer club is just beginning to budget for renovation so they have to start some where. My plan is to rent a tow behind plug aerator to be pulled with my 4 wheeler and the same with the spreader and drag harrow. MY goal is to 1st get the mowing contract and then show some improvement on the fields with proper mowing height and aeration and seeding. As I understand it they rely on dues and donations to fund their club . If they can see some improvement they may be able to raise more funding for a better field. As we know it takes some "green$$$" to make grass grow!!!
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