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Office tips for someone starting out?

Hey folks,

As some of you know, I'm just getting into this owner side of the buisness (relocated, no half-way respectable landscape maintenance outfits here; and I can't get a decent job with just my h.s. education)

I did search the forums, found some good advice... Others I question, but figure since no-one else was, I must just not understand...

I'm going to be starting out as a 1 man operation, my wife will handle the $ side of the buisness (and also offer 'office' services) We've got 3 computers (including the microsoft office), internet access etc. (Ok so the office part we're pretty good for, we've already got more than most small offices)

I scrounged the $ for my buisness license, and insurance (had to go with 1000$ deductible, not that I can afford it, but at least its better than having to pay the whole shot for a big claim)

What I'm not sure about is getting my name/number out there, How to estimate yards, what price range I should be looking at. Also, I know NOTHING of buisness administration...

I'd love to go buy those books that were mentioned in previous posts, but my $ is soo limited right now I can't afford to even change my mind!

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