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Oh man... I can just see some of the members fuming while reading THIS thread.....

You're entering the industry for all the wrong reasons.... and your business plan is abit thin......

Ok.... that said... you've probably come to the right place to get some education. However, all the advice in the world won't suffice for some hard education. Buy the book mentioned above. Borrow the money if you have to... at least it's a start. Can't afford even that?? How you going to acquire equipment.....

Alright then, try the library. They have lots of business books. Go there every night for two hours and read anything you can get your hands on about "business". Maybe even the book noted above is there and you can then get access to it for free. Read, read, read. You can be self educated. There are hundreds of books that will assist you in 1) advertising, 2) accounting, 3) home based business's, 4) marketing on a shoestring, 5) motivation, 6) any number of other topics related to business. You'll also likely find books on landscaping too. READ all of them.

And, go ask questions from your new competitors. Pick the largest one and go ask questions. You may get turned away, but then go ask another. That's "networking".... If you have to, drive two hours to the next big town, and ask someone there (you'll be no threat to someone that far away, so they may be more open to the discussion).

Most of all... be a PROFESSIONAL, not a scrub.

Good luck.
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