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Sell two of your computers... you only need one.

I disagree. And get a ZIP dirve so you can share information between them. Also, keep a backup of all data relevant to your business. When you face an almost inevitable hard drive crash, you will be glad you did it.

Most of the people who do this started out with no business plan, but if you expect to stay with it, you will need to develop one. You can find dozens of books to help with this. If cash is tight, go to the library.

Have a backup plan for work and equipment which goes bad. One thing clients don't like is when you don't show because a mower broke, or you were chasing bad debt (or checks). They may understand once, but it's better to have a backup machine.

Know your market. Decide who you want your clients to be and do your best to serve their needs. Personally, I've found the more wealthy people to be the worst clients, with middle and upper middle class folks to be the best.

Continue educating yourself about business, in general, and your business, in particular. Use those 3 computers to determine whether, and where, you make money. Good luck.
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