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Thanks everyone!

I'll have to go hunt down the library, even the smallest town has one I'm sure! Didn't even think about that!

I don't think I could get away with selling 2 of the computers, the family would kill me One is the AnkleBiters, the other is the wifes. All three are networked, all are able to use our scanner laser printer, fax modem, and cable modem (kids computer is restricted from the modems) Oh, and the digital camera and webcam (Like I said we've got the computing resources)

I have been working slowly on a buisness plan. I've never done one before, so I'm really having to think and rethink my way through it.

On the surface, I may be entering the industry w/ the wrong reasons, but truth be told I was thinking about trying it out on my own for the last 2 years of landscaping. But at that time I was thinking of taking some education to help... (of course I could never find time or money for the courses...)

Right now, I'm working in a "save every penny" mode, I'll grab those books later (or borrow them from the library) Because I still have to buy equipment, and my budget is TIGHT. Spending money on a couple books, which might be needed later for gas or equipment repairs seems a bit foolish.

I do know my competitors, I met them when I first came to this town, at the time I was shopping for employment. Even if I had been offered a job, I wouldn't work for them. (Both would probably make your heads spin, lowballers of super low quality) They also completely focus on the commercial side of buisness.

I'll go price out quickbooks later today, see how badly it puts me in the hole...

Thanks 65Hoss! Check your email!

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