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I ogt drawn for moose out here finally. Been putting in since 1991. Moose season opend on Sept. 10. I went out last Fri, Sat , Sun, yesterday and today. Have only seen a couple cows & a calf. Yesterday saw a pile of bear crap that was roughly 12" in diameter and about 6" high. Further up the trail saw a cow moose, further up saw 4 wolves (3 black & 1 grey). Today got rained on so turned the horse around and headed out, didn't see a thing. Moose will be open until Oct 31. and elk opens on Sept 26. Next week will go out on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and may take that week off also. Have a bird tag for grouse on the way out as grouse always makes a hearty meal. I willpick up a bear tag on Monday. I quit getting a deer tag as I was always concentrating on elk and never saw a decent muley when I had a tag. Now with no deer tag, I see some rather nice bucks so just enjoy seeing them. I really dopn't care for eating deer and would rather have the elk in the freezer and this year a moose.
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