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The heavy clay soil in this area usually responds to lime and a soil test can vary on such a large field. I am not lisc. to apply herbicides or pesticides . I could sub that part out with no problem but I want to explain to the optimist club next month when I meet with them that some kids may be alergic to the chems and it will be THEIR decision ( and liability) not mine on that issue. This is a first step for them and your ideas are IMO correct but in the interest of time the more visits they want the more it will cost. i have had great success with applying everything the same day on my residentials here in MD. I use peletized lime and have never had a burn issue. One of the biggest problems with the fields upon inspection is the height of cut was too low . I will suggest 3" as is recomended for fescue in our region. fields appear to be cut closer to 2". My belief is IF they go for this and they can see some results ie; some of the parents notice the improvement, they may get more funds to keep it going.

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