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Re: Thanks everyone!

Originally posted by NewbieOwner

Because I still have to buy equipment, and my budget is TIGHT. Spending money on a couple books, which might be needed later for gas or equipment repairs seems a bit foolish.

I'll go price out quickbooks later today, see how badly it puts me in the hole...

Andrew if you don't even have equipment yet, what are you doing worrying about buying Quickbooks? Without equipment you don't have customers, without customers what are you going to enter into that Quickbooks program?

Get equipment, get customers, get an $8 desktop calendar and write what jobs you did on what day on the calendar. At the end of the month use whatever program came with one of those computers to create invoices to send out (my pc came with microsoft works already in it). This worked for me last year and will start me off this year until I decide which progam I want to buy this year.
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